Industrial equipment financing for clay treatment €2.45MM

  • The Company wants to innovate and make the process of clay treatment more sustainable and efficient and wants to implement a facility for the treatment of clay by granulation instead of an atomizer (traditional way).
  • The Company will use the treatment of clay for ceramics sector (intensive gas and electricity consumption).
  • The cost of production using this new procedure would have a cost saving of more than 60% (electricity, gas and CO2) compared to the treatment of clay through atomization method.
  • Strategical equipment providing a significant competitive advantage in relation to market competitors.
  • Crede structures a 6-year Lease for the acquisition of the new industrial machinery, with a balloon at the end-of-term of the operation.
  • Pledging of 100% of receivables arising from signed contracts with its corporate customers.
  • Lease starts at delivery of equipment by supplier.
  • Group which the Company is part of with proven track record, experience and successful in management is backing the transaction.
  • Obligatory maintenance contract with supplier during life of the lease.
  • The Company is able to implement a more sustainable treatment process in a field with high resources consumption.
  • Customer can account the contract off-balance sheet and does not compute CIRBE as it is a private contract.

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