Structured financing

For the acquisition of productive assets, multi-type and size, including customized structures that cover the needs of our clients.

Investment in productive equipment

We have extensive experience in investments in productive equipment and we provide capital for the purchase or renewal of your productive assets.

Sale & Leaseback

We help you optimize the financial situation of your company by converting your assets into liquidity, increasing cash flow based on your productive assets.

Flexibility and structures customization

By creating flexible bespoke structures, you will be able to access the funds needed to drive your business forward, tailoring payments and terms to your specific requirements.

Build a better future
for your company

Our Asset Finance solutions offer you flexibility to acquire and renew the assets necessary for your business. Through fully customized structures, Asset Finance facilitates cost management without affecting liquidity. It can be applied to new or used assets, and also allows value to be unlocked from existing assets. This form of financing has gained popularity in various sectors, allowing companies of all sizes to obtain the assets necessary to grow sustainably without compromising their liquidity.


More than 20 years of experience support us

Our experience in structured and asset-based financial transactions allows us to offer our clients a competitive advantage in the market. With our global platform and extensive industry knowledge, we address the challenges, complexities and opportunities you face. Our solutions and products facilitate access to private financing to strengthen our clients’ position in the market.